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M800 questions

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1. Can the M800 drive 2x6 injectors sequential staged. If not, can one find injectors large enough to support 1500 hp at 80% duty (ID preferred) , how about small pulsewidths on idle and low power areas if using such huge inhectors, can the M800 handle it? The ID calculator suggests ID2000's for 2.5 l displacement, but I have 5l. looks like there is no way around staging.

2. How good is the datalogging, especially afr graphing ?

3. Can the M800 drive a M&W 6 channel CDI sequential?

4. How well does its boost control work

5. Any weaknesses, particular strengths ?

6. Seems like flex fuel sensor signals cannot be utilized by the M800, is this correct?

Please share your view on this, a bit dated, ecu.

Thank you all

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The m800 is still a very capable ECU no matter how you look at it.

1. If you are running a 6 cylinder engine and set up hi/lo injection, the ECU will use 4 of the ignition drives for the primary injectors. This does however only leave you two ignition channels.

2. Datalogging on the m800 is very powerful and you can use Motec's i2 for data analysis.

3. You can drive the 5 channel M&W no problem, however if you decide to run staged injection you would need to either use the Motec CDI8 or an ignition expander since you only have two ignition channels free.

4. Boost control uses a fairly typical PID control algorithm. There is the ability to set up gear, speed or just about any other parameters you want as compensations.

5. Cost would probably be the main weakness as a fully optioned M800 is getting up there.

6.There is no specific flex fuel support however this can be achieved due to the flexibility of the configuration. You just need to get a little creative with your axis setup and comp tables.

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