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hi.. I hope someone can assist me. Ive been searching but cant seem to find the answer to my question..so please bare with me if its been mentioned before, or if possible point me in the right direction.

I am planning to build a roughly 500hp 2009 subaru wrx ej25, and im doing the homework to see which directions to move in.

Ive been running a snow performance water meth system on the stock engine that has served me well so far, problem i have now is... I have the progressive system wired into the MAF. With the power level i have in mind do i need to delete the maf and run on the MAP or can i still use the MAF sensor and keep the watermeth running as it is? Or is the watermeth a no go for 500hp on 95 pump fuel.

I Am obviously going to adapt heads, cam turbo etc etc but im worried im going to either be air flow restricted by or run it out of its range and have tuning issues?

Then secondly. Can i delete the MAF using rom raider or ecuflash.. Or will it not be possible and i will have to go over to a stand alone system.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I recommend Cobb speed density for the real time tuning capability. At that power level the MAF could be an inconvenience at best, major restriction at worst. This will require a new way of controlling Meth injection.

You can go standalone too but it depends what you want to control. Make a list of what you really need to do and find a system that meets those needs.

Thanks for the reply.. I will do some research on the cobb package. I really would like to keep the original ecu as far as possible.

I will just have to get a different controller for the watermeth... Thanks again

I had a 2010 sti running cobbs SD package with a rotated GTX35R. If you go with COBB you have to take their courses and get certified by them to get access to their software ($$$) or you go with a open course tune and have the ability to do it yourself. Last I checked it was still in beta but can still support everything your doing. its a much cheaper route that will be much more fulfilling but it is risky. and most in the Subaru community have given up on open source. That is the main reason I jumped away from the suby and back to the evo.

Great bye bye my money AGAIN. This car has been a challenge. Is there no cobb package or any other system that i can tune on my own without all the licences and nonsense. I don't mind paying but if it's going to get to the stage where its costs same as a stand alone.... Then well, i guess its what I need to do. Thanks

The choice between open source (free) and a commercial package like Cobb comes down to your experience and confidence. With open source there's no 'manufacturer' support and you're really on your own to figure it out yourself. Granted there is a lot of help and info on the relevant enthusiast forums but there's still a requirement to find this info and sort fact from fiction. Cobb on the other hand is more expensive but offers a guaranteed product with proper documentation and support if required.

Forget the water/Meth go E85, do Cobb support your model? they only suppout some AUS models. not sure re. SA. If your dreaming of 500 whp you may as well move to a Haltech / Link now, at least then your in control from the start

If you do an open source flash, you will not be able to make any changes without shutting off the car, reflashing the ECU for 5 minutes, and starting up again. This gets very inconvenient on heavily modified cars. This is not a problem with a standalone or Cobb.

Thanks guys. I think ill have to invest in a haltech in anycase,the elite 1500 seams good Value and does what ill need. Also its available in SA.Also i agree with losing the watermeth it looks like that's also going to be a right pain the more i go into the situation. So its decided then E85 and stand alone.

Sorry for the 20 questions but Just one more thing then. Can i use all the original sensors with the haltech? Like lambda, cam, crank pos map, etc. Or do I need to buy others.

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