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MAF sensor vulnerabilities

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Thanks for the webinar on MAF sensor sizing.

How vulnerable are MAF sensors to moisture laden air. My application offers minimal room for an air box and filtration.

Can you think of any ECUs which might offer good MAF tuning with a fallback option to another sensor/s (apart from running closed loop with a wideband).

Just humid air? Or sucking in water? They can operate in normal circumstances, every bit of weather a normal car would encounter. Or do you mean no filter?

Current set-up is a 2 mm (approx) mesh screen set at a 45° angle in a forward facing duct which leads to a plenum directing air over a horizontal radiator behind the engine. Application is a light aircraft and the duct takes air from the front of the cowl next to the propellor spinner which is a high pressure zone. The intake tube rises in a radius from the mesh screen about 6" to the sensor and a further 6" to the throttle body.

Rain is the most likely potential issue.

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