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MAP and MAF question

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The evoX uses a combination of MAF and MAP to calculate load. I've read that Cobb has a way of disabling one so you can tune the other. Is there a way to do this manually in ECUflash ? If I max out the MAF table does this basically disable it so I could tune MAP? Also tuning the MAP load, would the "Calibration fuel map" table be the correct thing to tune ? I believe its a VE table. see attached. What are the down sides to switching over to MAP load only ?

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If anyone reads this in the future, I will write my findings. I changed my MAF housing and adjusted the MAF scale but my trims were still off by quite a bit. The Calibration fuel map is where I changed things to get my trims correct after. Now my fuel trims are within 1-2%. My Target AFR table it also much closer to actual values, and you can play with this a bit in the open loop portion of the Calibration fuel map to get it as close as you like, but it really doesn't matter too much as long as you adjust the Target AFR or ( high octane fuel map) to get the actual AFR where you need it. Im still playing with timing and boost levels, but the car pulls so much harder than stock. I'm a tad disappointed that I had to figure this out on my own. I thought all my questions here would be answered. But a little googling and testing got me through it.


I had an EVO X tuned somewhere by the previous owner. Luckily I saved the map using tactrix and had a look at the fuel and ignition maps a while ago. It is just a mess, but honestly, the car had a button for switching between OEM and tuned map, the car pulled really good on the tuned map. I am willing to share it if you want.


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