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Hello everyone ,

I am installing a new intake manifold and new throttle body and because the intake is custom , I would like to ask the following . The oem manifold has on it the map sensor , while the new throttle body that I will be using has a plug to put the map sensor on . Could I be using the hole on the throttle body ? Will this have any affect ? I know that we can use the map even as external but wanted to understand mostly if there is any pros or cons of where the map sensor is placed

i would be using through a port to the intake manifold or right after the butterfly if its installed on the throttle body,you need to read engine vacuum correctly.

Is the hole pre or post throttle plate?

Pre plate you won't see vacuum so you won't be able to accurately control your AFR using the map signal.

If it's post throttle plate, I'm guessing it would be, that would be fine. Subaru OE applications used an on throttle body pressure sensor in some of their engines

Thank you for the reply . The throttle body is an oem honda j35 throttle body and it's post blade . I started the car with the map on the throttle , no check lights and the map seems to be reading correctly , as well as I took it for a quick test drive 200m and everything seemed ok .

The reason that I am asking is because some aftermarket throttle body manufactures also have a mounting point on the throttle body post blade and I was curious what might be the difference if there is any ?

If it pre blade , then as both of you say it will not read vacuum . Is there although any difference if it post blade and on the manifold , in terms of accuracy ?

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