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Looking for recommendations on BEST MAP sensor out there. I am currently using an AEM 3.5 BAR its mounted directly into the intake manifold. The intake has scalps machined into the inside of it to stabilize the flow around the MAP Port. Twin Turbo application. Am I already using the best?

That sensor should work fine, assuming you got the stainless steel version. I've heard of some failures due to vibration on the nicer steel sensors, these were on serious race cars with solid metal engine and suspension mounts (no rubber or polyurethane at all). In those cases, remote mount for the sensor on the chassis to reduce the vibration it experiences and run a vacuum line to it. There is also a cheaper brass version intended for boost gauges or logging non-critical signals (like pressure before the intercooler) but not for fuel & spark calculations, don't use the brass AEM sensor for your ECU's MAP signal.

Do you have a photo of the inside of the intake manifold near the MAP port? Bernoulli's principle from physics basically states the local pressure observed by the sensor will be affected by airflow if the mounting port is at an angle, be sure the port is at 90 degrees to the intake airflow.


I have the Stainless version and it is mounted at a 90 angle from the flow direction thru the intake. Ill see if i have some pictures inside the intake. There scalloped cuts in the bottom of the plenum about 2" in Diameter under the 1 and 4 runner and 1.5" under 2 and 3. The sensor is located between 2 and 3.

I did have another build where it seemed as if the MAP wasn't responding very well at the mid point. Would have weird fluctuations on 0 to 5 psi of boost. I moved it to just behind the throttle body and no more fluctuations.

Im wondering if it wold be more responsive to changes in this case if it were closer to the throttle body and away from what could be strange flow dynamics in side the plenum.

Wont create new thread. now i got feedback from ProEfi tech support, that it is better use 5bar AEM\Proefi stainless steel MAP sensor for fueling then for example GM MAP: https://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_23&products_id=122

Is it true?

Same thing about WB. Is it beeter to use direct connected wideband then my current LC-2?

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