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I have a Haltch PS1000 with a Haltech 3bar map sensor. With the provided Sensor data entered in, the map sensor reads as the boost pressure gauge does. I also have a GM 4 bar map sensor that I don't have data for, but when I load the 4 bar sensor data file that's provided in the Haltech files the readings don't match what boost pressure gauge reads. Is there a way to figure out what the sensor values should be to make the PS1000 read right?

You may find that the calibration data isn't for the exact sensor you have. I would suggest searching for the calibration data based off the part number provided that is available. It also depends how different the two sensors are reading. In the perfect world you would expect them to be identical, but in reality if they are reading within a couple of kPa then your calibration is likely to be correct.