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I am setting my warmup enrichment to 0 from 60 degree ect so it doesn't impact the main table and I can use the logs to get the table as accurate as I can. do you seen an issue with this?

Re IAT correction, please see my table below. i followed Andre suggestion to do 2.5 percent per 10 dgree and it is using my e36 default IAT not link one which I hope is accurate. My question is during mapping, you don't want to 0 these like warm up enrichment right as you will end up with rich mixture when temp is up and ecu is not compensating.

Many thanks




On the warmup table I'm surprised to see 32s at 50, then 0 at 60 since it's unlikely there would be that big a shift in adjacent cells, but keep adjusting and when the values result in you being on target or slightly rich of target during warmup, then you're in good shape.

On the IAT table, as with any table, I like to start conservatively and get more aggressive as I have more data, so you MIGHT want to subtract a bit less fuel at higher temps to start, but the values you have now might turn out to work perfectly.

While the impact of air temperature on air density is known, ultimately the IAT sensor isn't measuring intake port temp so the IAT table gets used to help us approximate what's happening downstream. What happens between the IAT sensor and intake port varies greatly from setup to setup, and that's one of the reasons why there isn't one correct set of data for this table.

It looks like you're using a Link ECU which does have charge temp approximation capability, and that helps a bunch so I suggest using it. Also be sure to set all the fuel property values. The in application help has suggestions if you don't know some of the answers.

Some like to set the IAT comp to zero at the temperature the vehicle is mostly operating during initial tuning, and pivot values up and down around that column. Others start with the same base table on every vehicle. It can be done either way. No matter what, additional adjustment will be required.

Thanks Mike. My IAT is the original E36 BMW one which is inside the manifold and not before the throttle valve so I guess whatever it reports is quite close to real temp. I prob would set 50 to 0 as well as don't want warm up table to affect main fuel table whilst I am sorting the base map.

Re warm up, I loaded the Link default map and set 60 and above to 0 so It does not impact my tuning. I do need to go over it once I have the base sorted.

With IAT I didn't fully follow, if air density changes fixed amount per temp, would you not use that ? what would you test( trial and error) to get the air temp compensations better? I am reading and researching tones at the same time to get this car mapped and never dones stand alone before so it is a steep learning curve


IAT in the manifold does not avoid what I mentioned. Webinar 75 on charge temp estimation will hopefully fill in some information for you.

lovely thanks, will add it to watch list.

appreciate it

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