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Maxxecu material

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Hey guys,

Been away from the hpa material for a while now. Can anyone tell me if they've covered anything on this up and coming ecu brand called maxxecu?

Anyone on here personally using them? Whats your thoughts?

Maxxecu is great, it's so intuitive and easy to use. It have an amazing helpfile so no courses are needed haha. No but seriously, I would love to see Andre give it a crack.

i may be a little bias, but know that already lol.... have done a very installed with them... very happy so far.

As a swede i love Maxxecu, Great support from Natanael, easy to use, Great functionality.

I've use Ms3x, Microtech, Haltech and Maxxecu. and Maxxecu is by far the best of them just behind Haltech Elite in my opinion.

I have personally installed handful of them. User friendly. Powerful built in wideband controller. Helpful support. 4d table option With endless possibilities. But sometimes buggy. Overall its good

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