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MaxxECU Sport slow reading trigger

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hello is there any way to make the maxxecu ignore the cam signal untill the RPM above some certain number

i always did this with haltech to make the engine runs faster

this happens on my Subaru EJ257, using latest trigger pattern 36-2-2-2

the car runs after ecu reads rpm , but rpm reads after like 3 0r 4 times engine turnover

like the ecu is waiting the trigger pattern to be completed in 1 cycle. or waiting the home signal to read.

please help

A Maxx won't display RPM until it reaches its sync state unfortunately.

yes indeed, i have to wait 4 times turnover then start

In the trigger section of Inputs (F11). Look down to Advanced trigger options, you have the option to pick Unsynchronized start.

Utilizing this option will make the engine start on wasted spark so it will ignore the home sensor until the engine is running and then will seamlessly transfer to full sequential as long as the home sensor is configured properly.

Oh, thats interesting. I wonder how recent that was implemented?

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