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Mazda bravo coil over charge

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G'dayI am installing a E8 haltech ecu into a 97 Mazda bravo Ute. running the 2.6L petrol SOHC with a dizzy setup G6 engine. I am having some problems with the coil been over charged. Viewing the engine data when cranking the trigger count at last home 255, trigger counter is slowly claiming from 0 to 255 and the rpm is over all the place from 0 to 16000rpm. I have made a patch loom to connect the factory ecu plugs to the E8 ecu. all other factory wiring is standard. the vehicle has an external ignitor as well 3 wire type. If someone could help I would really appreciate it. I have attached some photos of my current settings.

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Hello the issue is a trigger probem not coil over charging. can you supply a trigger scope picture to this thread please

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