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Mazda KLG4 (V6) Microsquirt Problems

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Hi everyone!

I'm working in a customer Mazda Protege swap KLG4 engine with DIYautotune microsquirt v3. I wired the car like the DIY tech support says. The car starts but has rough idle and has no power. The engine feels like misfire all the time and has new fresh plugs and cables. He tried to stabilize alone, the engine felt bad and unhappy. I have good afrs, good timing map, perfect timing match on pulley, good wiring, no noise, etc. I don't know where i can search or adjust to solve the problem. When I tried to run to test the engine and adjust the afrs the car feels "heavy", slow and unpowered. The engine feels like out of timing or far of injection timing. Starts, maintain the idle and run but rough, unstable and unpowered. I wired IGN #1 for cyls 1&4, IGN#2 for cyls 2&5, and IGN#3 for cyls 3&6 and the injectors INJ #1 for injs 1,3,5 and INJ#2 for injs 2,4,6 I need rewire injectors for 123 Bank #1 and 456 for bank #2 or isn't relative in my setup? I talked with the support but without success, they tell me all in my setups are good. Thanks!

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Can you do the normal misfire trouble shooting, and try disconnecting the ignition coil or spark plug boot from one cylinder at a time. The engine should misfire on that cylinder with no spark. If the engine doesn't get any worse when you remove a spark plug boot -- then you know that one is the source of the problem. now you look deeper try disconnecting it's injector -- and move onto swapping coils & injectors -- trying to figure out if the problem follows the coil or injector (bad parts), or stays with the cylinder (bad wiring or bad configuration).

Also, how is the battery voltage? -- if you are first getting a car running, the battery can be run down, and the alternator may not be charging if you can't rev it above idle.