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Mega squirt lessons?

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I know this system has had its ups a downs but I feel like for the price of the system it's not that much over head to install it on a car and I personally feel like it would only add to people wanting to learn and buying your courses.. Any thoughts on this I'd even start a go found you lol

actually link atom and storm is beating the megasquirt for what they can really do, also the software and hardware is not even comparable.

a lot of good work is done to the link/vipec software..

What I'm asking is I wish they would teach on more platforms

i think it's up to andre then but the idea is teaching tuning principles and hpacademy chosen the most advanced tuning platforms now days like link/haltech/motec/hptuners

I get that and what I've learn has helped tons it would just be nice to see what a pro can really do on one and as well see first hand how to tune on a platform I feel is just as popular because of the price point

IMHO the platform doesn't even mather, the principals are always the same. It's just the fact that you have to get familiar with the particular software

I have to agree with SVR, the tuning principles are the same across the board but I also understand what you mean. The guys have done walk throughs with the Link/ViPEC and Motec softwares, it really comes down to what's available to them and if the manufacturers will back HPA

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