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Anyone on here tuning megasquirt

I've tuned a few turbo MX5's on it, what's up?

Been tuning a slew of them lately. Currently in the middle of tuning an mS2PNP for sr20, and its not playing very nice. Lots of voltage instability (could be car related, not ecu)

If you're seeing voltage instability in the ECU, I'd physically check the supply with a multimeter to find out if the reported fluctuations are real. It could be that you have a regulator issue in your alternator, or alternatively you may have a grounding issue with the ECU. Either scenario is going to cause you no end of trouble on any EVU platform.

Thanks for the reply Andre. Yeah ive been starting to look into it. We got a vast improvement doing a few new grounds here and there, etc. Since i didnt build the car, i dont know the harness inside and out. Alot of guys wire them shoddily for swaps here (we didnt get the sr20det like you did). The alternator is new, but that doesn't mean its impossible to have issues. Ill get to the bottom of it. It seems to me tho, that ms2 is a bit more finnicky than alot of other ecus ive worked with. Get what you pay for i guess.

Some people swear by them... Others swear at them.


It has to be grounded 100% like this all sensor inculding WB need to be grounded to MS the MS to The block the block to batt

The online line Manuel has the diagram

If you don't it'll read all kinds of voltage spikes I learn the hard way..

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