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Methanol + Nitro tuning

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I wonder what lambda should i tune on my honda civic eg with b16+b20 fully modified 17:1 compression using methanol and nitro.

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I have very little experience with nitro blends other than VP M5 which has a small percentage of nitro blended in. How much nitro are you using? I'll assume from the pic and your compression that you're staying NA?

yes i am staying NA and my mixture gonna be 20:1 or you have any suggestion on what fuel i should use on my engine because people here in Thailand said that E85 wouldn't make it. I want to run 11:xx on quarter mile.

HI MotionTuning

Interesting project!

If your spark plug thread size is M14, I invite you to find out the ideal AF ratio and timing using my TFXengine combustion analyzer free of charge on my Dynodynamics steady state dyno and on the road. Having said that, the TFX analyzer is still fairly new to me and I am in the process to familiarize myself with it.

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20:1 is a relatively lean mixture of nitro methane which is probably a smart place to start. This equates to 5% nitro by volume which won't have a significant affect on your lambda target. I personally would start with pure methanol first though and get a baseline on this fuel before you start testing with nitro blends. On a naturally aspirated engine like yours I'd suggest starting with a lambda around 0.80 and test from there. I'd suggest starting a little richer than this with 5% nitro (perhaps 0.78) and then see how the engine responds to richer and leaner mixtures.

I have another question should i use methanol or ethanol.

Methanol is probably preferable over ethanol. It has a higher latent heat of evaporation and you burn more of it so the cooling effect of the fuel is far superior to ethanol. You will typically see a small increase in power and it's the better option for very high boost applications (not too relevant to you though) which is why it's common in drag racing circles.

It does have some downside though - It's more corrosive than ethanol and you need to flush the fuel system with petrol after use. You also need to flow much more fuel volume compared to ethanol so the injector and pump sizing needs to be factored in. As a rule of thumb when moving from petrol to E85 you need around 1.35-1.4 times more fuel flow. On methanol this is closer to 2.2-2.5.

You will make marginally more power on methanol than ethanol and however the fuel does come with a few more downsides than ethanol. For example ethanol is much more corrosive to the fuel system than ethanol and

Thank you a lot Andre for the useful information very appreciated. I want you to do the webinar about how to set up the traction control on Link G4+ Fury if you could.

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