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Microtech LT-10c to K24/K20

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Hi everyone very new to all of this and obviously I’ve made a rookie error and bought a second hand microtech LT10c to use on my K24/K20 powered speedway midget not I’ve just been told today for microtech that they can’t reconfigure it from the B18a it was running to a K series engine as they have zero software for K series and haven’t done any they also said if I used an after market trigger system I could probably get it to work my question is would I be able to configure it to the OEM crank trigger??

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

my engine is a

built k24 bottom end

cnc drag cartel head

13.7:1 comp

62mm itbs

dry sump

will be running on methanol

thanks Dean


I'll attempt to add some useful input here...

You are quite correct, usually most standalone ECU's have user configurable crank/cam configurations but that doesn't appear to be the case with Microtech as the base cal is hard programmed by them for each engine. They also appear to have a strict policy when it comes to re configuring the base cal, I've included some links form their website below.

The K24 differs from the B18 as it uses separate cam sensor for sync and a more sophisticated vairable cam timing system. Looking at at the wiring diagrams on their website for the Honda 4cyl, it relies on a distributor for so there maybe hardware limitations there.





Thanks for the reply Scotty greatly appreciated I’ll do some more hounding with microtech and see if they’ll make a program for it or I’ll just sell it and go back to the drawing board for a cheap ecu

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