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Mini Cooper A type engine with 5 ports and Haltech elite 1500

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I have Mini Cooper wtih 5 port engine with 2 injectors. One injector is for cylinder 1 and 2 and second injector is for cylinder 3 and 4.

Could someone tell me what would be correct injector configuration for this kind of engine in haltech elite 1500?

That way this is late A type rover engine, i Used K-type trigger to run this engine (with no home)

Engine starts and runs, but after 4000 rpm it works bad, and looks like injector configuration is not correct.

Engine works like when fuel is injected in first inlet port 1 cylinder eats out all fuel and for second cylinder there is no fuel available.

http://www.haltech.com/mini-me-mighty-c ... rged-mini/


Sorry for my english

The easiest solution to this is to pull the standard head off, and replace it with a cross flow head with individual runners.

The problem with these engines is that the firing order is 1 - 3 - 4 - 2, this means that the inlet runners see suck, suck, pause, pause, where what you really want is suck, pause, suck, pause, and the split for the runners is quite low down the tract near the inlet. What this means is that most of the fuel mass that is injected into the tract is ingested by the first cylinder (3 & 2) to open, leaving the second cylinder (1 & 4) to run lean. You are not going to have the space to get more injectors into the plenum, and this will not fix the primary issue anyway.

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