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Mini r50 base map?

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I may as well ask here to save some time. Does anyone know can I use link g4+ software on any ecu as long as i have a base map and if so where can if ind a link to a mini cooper r50 base map? Or do i just flash record my existing map if using generic siemens- or do i need to use a g4 ecu to do this.


the G4+ software is only for the G4+ ECUs, you can't use it to read the OEM Seimens ECU if that's what they have fitted. I'm guessing you know that Link do a plug and play ECU for the mini already, it come with the map preloaded but you'll also be able to find a cop of the map in the software already..

When using the PnP ECU you will loose a couple of your creature comforts such as your instant consumption etc