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Got a built 2012 jeep srt8 6.4 with a 18% overdrive and 3.375pulley whipple supercharger. having a problem getting it tuned been to 3 tuners and all 3 have had different issues. current problem misfire at lite throttle lite engine load tune shop not sure whats wrong with it but tells me he is positive it is not mechanical but also tells me not finding anything tune related. stuck any ideas what to check got 165 psi on all 8 cyl. cylinder leak down good. plugs good, injectors good, coils good. seems to hit on 8 the most. Attaching tune file from latest tune shop maybe some one can see some thing im not this is the start up and lite throttle adjustment have not gotten in to full throttle adjustment

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Hello sorry for some reason i cannot open your file

Sorry I am trying to figure out why it won’t let you open it.