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I have a problem when the fans are on when I give it a little gas the rpm drops below idle I tune it my self I have tried everything but I can’t make stable at idle

Is this only an issue when the fans are operating? What modifications have been made to the engine? Give us a little more information and hopefully we can help.

The car have gtx3071 turbo stock block exhaust sard 800cc injectors aeromotive fuel pressure regulator mishimoto radiator dual spall fans Walbro 255 I think those

not enough information, need to see your tune and need to see datalogs of the problem happening.

I can send you the tune file file if you want.

I'd take a guess at this point that you may not have your calibration scaled correctly for the larger injectors, particularly with regard to the injector latency. This coupled with a voltage drop when the fans initially switch on could be resulting in your air fuel ratio moving enough to cause stalling. That's just one potential scenario though.

I have tried increasing the deadtime but when I increase the deadtimes the air fuel ratio goes too rich

Here are the settings i made

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