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Mitsubishi SST Gearbox?

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Hi Guys this is my first post so go easy on me haha

I am looking at swooping Evo running gear into a little Euro hatch back I’m currently running front wheel drive but want to step it up to 4 wheel drive as I’m struggle to get the power down

I would also like to make use of the ACD but I’m open to opinion on the AYC?

I have found a suitable donor vehicle but it is a dual clutch gearbox version I have been looking for an evo 7-9 but this 10 has come up cheap

I am worried about a couple of things how strong and reliable are these boxes? Also what about the electronics am I going to be able to run this box off a stand-alone system like a Haltech or motec etc or am I going to end up with miles of wiring bodged out of the original evo to make it work?

Or should I stick to looking at a 7-9 with a manual gearbox?



save yourself the trouble, the trans is going to throw a million codes and be a nightmare.

Ye that’s what I thought to be fair I will keep looking for a manual