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Modeled Fuel setup

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I am a little stumped maybe someone here can give me a hand. I am attempting a modeled fuel setup on a vipec ECU, keep in mind this is a plug and play for a Audi 1.8T. I have it idling fine but when I make any change to the VE table it seems that nothing happens, I mean nothing, its like the VE table has no say in fuel delivery.

I have added the current tune to this if someone would like to take a look at this.

little more detail:

This car had 1000cc injectors and I did install new 1700cc injectors from ID. I also did get the car running with traditional before attempting this and the fuel table1 did work just fine.

Thanks all!

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Hi Mike,

I sent you an email via Link tech support earlier. You have the lambda target overlay table turned on with values of 100 Lambda in it. This will make the pulsewidth very short. 100 Lambda is an air-fuel ratio of about 1470:1 so thats why the VE table makes little difference to fuel delivery!

Yes sir!

Thanks Adam! Thank you for the help with this I figured some of it out before. I removed the min effective PW and that corrected it for the most part I was just getting really unstable AFR at Idle I plugged in the plug and play data that you pointed me to and now they work great!

Thanks guys!

Ok Guys, so I am still trying to wrap my head around modeled fuel setup

So I have this all setup now and working much better but I seem to be running out of VE up in the high boost. I know this sounds silly but I am maxed, with VE at 150 @22 psi/4500rpm. I have all the new injector data added from what adam advised me at Link and went through it again to make sure and I still have a few minor speed bumps

I would checking that your differential fuel pressure is stable throughout the rev range.

Hi Ducie,

so I have checked this and it appears to be ok. What I seem to notice is that the changes in VE have to be very drastic to make and really change. Do I have something set to high or low that is making the required adjustments to be so drastic?

Can u post a log file?

Hi Ducie

This log is before the changes in the previous tune. Let me know what you think. Ignore the compressor surge I got that take care of, no need to be alarmed.

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How did you come up with the fuel main data? And why do use 50psi as base pressure? Also 1725cc flow is at 3 bar fuel pressure not 50psi.

Start with the ID injector 3 bar base pressure and get it running close before changing. You have 100ve before boost which is way to high so theres no way id be in the boost area unless you like picking up pieces. Your map is a fair amount lean on target.

Your injector main data is worng and so is the injector data.

Post your current file ill make some changes and you can do a file compare to see the changes

Hi Ducie. Hi Ducie the current tune is in the original post I made. let me know if that isn't working.

Set your base fuel pressure to 43.5psi 300kpa

You need to have the VE at idle around the 50-60 range. Also what fuel pump controller do you have as you have currently have this set to cross over, you need to make sure your fuel pressure is not dropping at high rpm/load otherwise you will run into issues

Also is fuel pressure regulator at the fuel rail or in the tank?

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  • mike-cardenzana-jetta-1.8t-ID1700x-modeledDUCIE54.pclr
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The car didn't have any issues until I added bigger injectors and switched to modeled fuel setup. If I set this to traditional it seems to work just fine and I don't run out of VE

I am not sure the fuel pump controller, it is the factory one. this is a ttlink plug and play for the 1.8T. most of these setting are on the base tune this way. this is a MAP referenced fuel system, regulator is at the the rail.

I did another log on with the correct injector data. it seemed to make a little difference but not much.

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