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More information on tuning for a bigger cam and displacement

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Hello everyone.

I have a 2005 Silverado. I had the engine bored out to 5.7l from 5.3 and added a “stage 2” truck cam from Brian Tooley racing. I have a couple questions. First is there webinar or course that addresses a build with more than just bolt on parts? And second. Is there a place I can send a file to be ‘proofread’? I would like to make sure that I am doing things correctly to prevent damage or unreliability. I am using HPTuners to write and edit files.

thanks for your time

Hi Josh, we actually have a full HP Tuners 'Big Cam' worked example being added into the Practical Reflash Tuning course any day now which will be very helpful for you. This is shot using the 6.0 litre L98 on the E38 PCM but most of this will translate nicely for you.

We don't offer a 'proof reading' service as literally there's no way I can look at a file and say that it's perfect for a given application. If you have a specific issue then we're more than happy to review a log and see if we can help you get the issue sorted though.

In general you'll need to raise your idle speed targets with a larger cam - How much will depend on how big the cam is. Or cam with around 240 degree duration idles nicely at 800-850 rpm. The idle control will also need the base running airflow tables adjusted to suit. In general with a large cam I typically prefer to use the SD tuning method and remove the MAF. You can get away with the MAF on smaller cams but with aggressive grinds I find it problematic.

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