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Motec analoge output(plm)

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Hello guys,

As specificed by motec, i can connect my plm through analoge output to the ecu, both red and black wires goes out of the plm loom with pins into the ecu connector la1S which is pin b25 and pin b16 which is sensor 0V, my problem is as i have seen through most of the looms pin b16 is always connected and i want to avoid splicing the loom, so is there anywhere else that i can connect the 0v sensor, does it act as a ground, can i connect it through the chasis instead?


If you want to use the analogue output from the PLM then the 'analogue output -' must be connected to a sensor ground. This would be either pin B16 or B27. There is nothing wrong with splicing multiple sensor grounds into one of these wires so feel free to do this. Using a chassis ground instead would introduce ground offsets that would result in an inaccurate lambda reading.

Is there a reason why you don't want ot send the PLM data to the ECU via CAN instead? This is my preferred technique as it ensures the integrity of the data.

Hello andre,

I am not really sure which wires i need to connect and to which pins in the ecu for the can communication


Going by the pins you mention, this is a MoTeC hundred series ECU. If this is the case, then the CAN pins are B23 (CAN-HI White)and B24 (CAN-LO Green). These pins are used with the UTC connector, but there is no reason why you can't splice the PLM into these wires. Dependent on the distance of the PLM to the ECU, you may need to wire in some CAN resistors at the splice, as well as the PLM connector.

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