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Motec antilag

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Hello everyone,

I heard that there is a way to make antilag work with making a digital input of dual rpm, if anyone knows about this could he explaIn how to do it


It sounds like you're talking about launch control style antilag? In this case you use the 'Dual RPM' function that can be triggered off a digital input connected to a button on the steering wheel or a clutch switch. You can then set a launch rpm limit as well as the amount of ignition retard to be used when the switch is active. There is also the ability to set an rpm rise rate which can be useful to prevent the car going straight into wheel spin when the clutch is released. I used this function in a number of the drag cars I tuned with great success.

If you set the 2 Step at 4000 RPM to build boost but stay on the brake while releasing the clutch to do a burnout. The front wheels stay at 0 kmh. Does the ecu allow the engine to rev higher than the start rpm?

Alexandru, Which ECU and/or Firmware package are you asking about? This thread is over 3 years old -- but I think you are asking for yourself...


To do a burnout with the front brakes locked -- I would think you would not enable the launch switch, but just hold the throttle at 4000 RPM to build boost, then release the clutch to burnout -- want more RPM -- mash the throttle further.

After the burnout, you enable the launch switch now you can mat the throttle and it will hold 4000 RPM until the launch is initiated.

But if I drive a automatic and need the 2 Step from the Launch Control even for a burnout, what can I do? Is the GPR Automatic package different from the GPR? And has a function that probably allows that?

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