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Having problems setting up secondary injectors on M142.

On a vehicle with factory Direct Port Injection what step do you take to add a secondary port injectors & tell the ecu what pins in the connector to use for power & ground for those injectors??

What firmware package are you using?

Looking at the GPR-DI package, it looks like setup is straightforward using Initial Setup->Injectors.

You would setup the Fuel Injector Secondary Location, specify the calibration.

Resources are assigned to Fuel Cylinder X Secondary Output Resource.

Once that's done, you can use Help->Firmware Wiring... for a nice table showing you what pins to connect the injectors to. You would use the same 12V power source that supplies the ECU (or Ignition Coils) for the other pin on the injectors.

It says GPRDI-M142

All the wiring is done. Once the Calibration is selected, on Output Resources the Secondary are selected Not In Use & on the drop down box is blank, it doesn’t let me select the injector.

Strange -- have you updated to the latest package version (is there a flashing firmware update in the upper right corner of the tuning window)? If so, click that. If that doesn't work, you can download the lastest GPR-DI for M142 from:


You would probably have to migrate your data, there are various tech notes on package migration from different versions found here:


It was not the lates version. I updated it but it still does not work. The package that i am using Honda Civic FK8 start up file. With or without being connected to the car the Output Resources for the secondary injectors drop down box doesn’t let me select the pin. But if i open another package for another vehicle such as a GM or Toyota 86 it lets me select it. Should i contact Motec ?

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Yes, contact your MoTeC dealer or MoTeC USA for support (support@motec.com). Be prepared to provide exactly what package and version you are using. You might even need to send them the package (use File->Open Package, then select the Export File or Email options).

Hi Kevin,

I think that MoTeC US support has already answered this question for you, but in case they haven't, the reason for there not being any resources available for the secondary injectors in the FK8 Package is that they have already been allocated to other functions in the M1. You would have to look t how they have been used in the Package and work out if you need that function working, or if there is a different way of controlling that function to get the extra injector resources available.

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