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Motec ecu manager inquiry

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Hello guys,

I am tuning a turbo car which runs on motec m800 i want to know if there is an option that can expect the needed fuel or increase it gradually. For example if i tune the fuel of the car on boost 1 bar on low boost and on high boost 1.8 is there a way that the motec can put the numbers or perdict the numbers inbetween these 2 boosts (from 1.1 to 1.7)?


Good day.

Just to clarify, is the new boost level between both Boost Level A and Boost Level B a target boost or are you suggesting a transient scenario? I am thinking that interpolation might work if it's a transient scenario. However, as best practice you should always have a fully calibrated fuel table for your target boost pressures. It can be a little time consuming but it's worth it in the end; happy customer. If it's a transient scenario then you should adjust the fuel table resolution accordingly and an interpolation should be okay. Maybe a data log might add some peace of mind but this would be at your discretion.

Hope this has helped you, cheers!

The ECU won't 'predict' the numbers required in the main efficiency table but generally I tend to look at the trend that is forming in the table and extrapolate that out into the untuned, higher boost areas before I increase the boost. This should get you close.

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