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MoTeC Lambda to CAN

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Hi guys,

we've hooked up the Lambda to CAN today and noticed that it's not showing anything in the M800 - well, it is showing Lambda 1.56 all the time.

I had a quick phone call with MoTec and all the settings are correct, I can also communicate with the sensor and upgrade its firmware via CAN.

It's just throwing an error doing a free air cal, or timed out (on another LSU4.9 sensor for testing) and not showing any readings

Anyone ever had this happen? Brand new LTC out of the box not working.

I've already created an RMA, I just wanted to check everything I can before shipping it out.

tips and tricks maybe?



So I understand correctly, you are unable to perform a free air cal on the LTC using LTC Manager software?

I've never had any trouble with the LTC units I've installed and communicated with. It's important to make sure you're on current firmware (which it sounds like you are) and obviously you're using the right LTC to suit your sensor (NTK vs LSU).

correct, I can send a firmware and also send the intial factory calibration, but as soon as I want to perform a free air calibration through the LTC Manger Software it either throws an error (faulty sensor or contaminated air) at step 6 of 6 or times out at step 5 of 6.

We did however cut off the Bosch connector and used a Deutsch connector on the LTC side instead to lengthen the wiring a bit.

The Bosch connector is just now a couple of inches further away.

The connector on the LSU Sensor is untouched as I was under the impression that they have a built-in resistor.

Yes the sensor side of the connector has a calibration resistor in it but if you haven't touched that I can't imagine it being the source of your trouble. If you're having trouble though I'd recheck the terminations you've made in the connector. It's possible you've got two wires transposed possibly.

that was my first check ;)

I will however recrimp the Bosch connector as this wasn't done by myself in the first place.

Too bad, I was really excited to use the LTC

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