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Motec m1 not reading lambda at higher rpms

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Hey everyone

So our set up right now is a Motec M1 142 ton a ford 1l eco boost. This a project for the clean snowmobile challenge, so I don't have very much tuning experience so this might be a no-brainer. When I am tunning my efficiency map the Lambda channel quits reading at rpms above 2700. It will come back in and out but not for very long. Could this be caused by a bad sensor, connection to the LTC box, or wiring problem? If anyone has run into this before it would be a huge help.



Hi Keegan,

What state is reported by the Exhaust Lambda x Diagnostic? This will help trouble shooting the issue. Also logging of it happening will assist as well.

Hi Keegan , is this the 3 cylinder DI engine.?

Here is a link to my log and package data.


Right now I'm thinking this is happening because of battery voltage fluctuation from 12v to 9 v rapidly. Our alternator is putting out 13.8v. I put on an external power source and we were still getting the fluctuation.

And yes this is the 3cyl GDi

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