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Motec M1 vs Fueltech

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Motec M1 vs fueltech.

Which management do you prefer and why? For luxury car, jetski, utv..etc

Whats the pros and cons. I know higher models have more features. Just wanted to get insite on hardware and program wise.

As we Knowing that Fueltech is strongly involved in the field of modification

Fueltech is more basic function drag car oriented isn't it?

Motec offers a much more complete package in term of systems integration and functionality. I cannot imagine there are any features fueltech offer that motec cannot provide, I very much doubt the opposite is true.

I ran a FuelTech for a year, but I sold it and I'm upgrading to an Emtron right now (comparable to Motec).

The FuelTech is a great system. It works very well, it's SUPER easy to use. The built-in touchscreen is a huge plus.

Two main downsides I didn't like about it:

1. It lacks any real customization. It does what it does, and nothing else. While systems like Motec/Emtron you can make them do pretty much anything you want.

2. IMO: they over-rely on the O2 sensor. I asked them if they were going to add fuel pressure compensation, and they were like "no, the O2 correction handles that". I asked them about baro correction, and they were like "no, the O2 correction handles that". What about fuel temp correction? "Nope, O2 correction handles that". Well, what if I'm racing at 6000 feet, in -40 degree winter, and having a low voltage issue that slows the fuel pump down, and the O2 sensor fails, and I still have 50 miles of stages and transits before getting back to service? I guess on a drag car, they can always just push a car back to the pits. But on a rally car I need an effective limp-home mode. Which, among other things, means need I to be able to run as well as possible with a dead O2 sensor. FuelTech just can't do that.

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