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Hey guys! i have a problem with my 2jz vvti running motec. Its been tuned and ran like a dream on the dyno. One test day and 4 sets of tyres, when all of a sudden it started sputtering and if you give full throttle from idle it wont rev past 4-4500rpm.

Throwing codes for : 1. Inlet Camshaft Bank 1 Pin Diagnostic = Treshold Noise

2. Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor Diagnostic = Translation Minimum

For the NO.1 Code ive tried adjusting both Debounce and Hysteris, new shield wire, re-pin all of the coil grounds, new coils and without altornator (incase bridge was faulty).. same issue. Tried the debounce both up and down with no luck.

No tunere here can seem to figure it out. as motec is quite "small" here in norway. so hope you guys can help. i will post the ecu file and pics of the error codes

Best regards.


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Connect using M1 Tune, and look at the voltage for the MAP sensor (channel Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor Voltage) Make sure you are getting reasonable MAP values when the engine is stopped. -- that would be a critial problem, especially since you have Inlet Manifold Pressure Mode set to Sensor. So if the sensor fails (or there is a wiring fault), there is no backup. Perhaps since it's boosted this is required. I would fix this first!

If you can, use an oscilloscope to look at the Inlet Camshaft Bank 1 Sensor. If you don't have a 'scope then try using the Capture Inputs while the engine is running to see that the signal looks like.

My suggestion would be to work with whoever tuned that engine. They should undertand the MoTeC well enough to diagnose a bad sensor, or retrieve the logged data to find out what has been happening.

We have been using the Capture Inputs and the signals look fine. here is a pictures form the Capture. Both me and the tuner cant seem to quite figure out whats going on. And the tuner lives 7 hours away so a bit of a trip to do some diagnose live with him, so we try figure out over net. The car ran like a beast and all of a sudden this started

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Those do look fine.

Onto the Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor. Go to an "All Calibrate" tab, In the Calibrate search box type "Inlet Manifold", (Select List mode, or turn down Sensor and everything under that) and look at the value of Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor Voltage, while the engine is stopped, and when running / idling. According to the calibration i would expect about 1.00V (100 kpa) when stopped, and something less (.5V?) when idling.

I just realized your MAP sensor is only calibrated down to 50 kPa. I think that needs to go down to about 10-15 kPa to work under all conditions. I suggest you fix the calibration (Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor Translation) for the MAP sensor.

Have you checked your pickups? If it was workinh fine and you have spark as well as fuel and compression is good id have a look at the sensor. Are you useing the factroy optical sensors? They looooove to give problems exactly lile this. You can throw an Osciloscope on it and check if tou are getting strong signal. After that check all your grounds. If the ECU gets wrong information it cant do its job properly. You can reach out to me if you get stuck i love these kinda problems.

where can i get in contact?

It is pretty hard to work anything out from a few pictures on only things that you think are the problem. I would advise to share some logging for diagnostic purposes.

Coil charge maximum for instance come from either incorrect calibration, or poor/unsteady battery supply voltage.

Inlet manifold pressure translation minimum isn't surprising with a cal that only reads down to 50kpa.

These diagnostics could be present when the car was running correctly. Your inlet cam debounce settings may need adjusting for the threshold noise diagnostic.

As an example, your engine speed limit is 4500rpm until the coolant temp is above 40 degrees.

You have fuel pressure and lambda sensors, i the fuelling behaving normally? DO the sensor values look realistic? do you have good battery voltage?

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