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MoTeC M150 BRZ FA20 PI/DI ratio

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Working on tuning a Subaru BRZ (N/A on E85) that was previously tuned by another shop and have noticed that the Fuel Injector Secondary Contribution Main table is set to 0 currently, I loaded up the base package from the MoTeC website and that was set to 0 as well which surprised me. Anyone know if there is a reason behind the base maps being set to 0% PI? I will likely start with 30-40% PI across the entire map and go from there, has anyone found that a certain split is optimal?

Yup, that's the base package. I think it's done for simplicity and also you will find a bit of weirdness in the 86 package because if you change the PI/DI ratio at a given point then the lambda will change. I have found some minor advantages in using a small amount of PI though through the rev range at WOT as it seems to reduce the knock sensitivity. You could also check the base PI/DI map from the stock ECU if you have access to an EcuTek map or similar (although the load axis is mass airflow not MAP of course) as a starting point.

Good to know, thanks for the info Andre!