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Motec M150 ecu 5vA, B,C and OvA, B,C oututputs

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Are those intended only for resitor (NTC - 2 wire sensor), or can the ground Ov output be shared with other sensors ?( for instance pedal position, dbw sensors, pressure sensors...), when measuring the sensor in absolute voltage mode can it be suplied with normal chassis ground or only a 0v ground. I have lots of sensors on the car and i don't want to damage the outpust by wiring wrong. For instance on a link ecu all sensors have a common sensor ground.

The 0V pins are shared with both resistive, ratiometric and absolute voltage sensor grounds.

Ideally, you would use the matching ground for the power supply that was used for the sensor.

When creating a new engine harness that's what I do. However, when adapting to an existing vehicle harnesses, I have found that I may need to connect the common sensor ground to both the SEN_0V_A and SEN_0V_B on the M130s I've used.