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MoTeC M150 Fuel Cylinder Diagnostic - Invalid limit angle

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Hi All,

I am running a Motec M150 with a single cylinder engine. I keep receiving in the data for the fuel cylinder diagnostic an "invalid limit angle" error. I have tried a lot of different things to fix it and cant seem to solve the issue. Was wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue with the fuel diagnostic, or any insight as to what i may need to change to correct the issue

Could you post your package so we could take a look?

Alternately, what are your settings for:

Fuel Timing Primary Edge? (End of Injection would be preferred typically)

Fuel Timing Primary ? (table, values need to be larger than Fuel Timing Primary Limit)

Fuel Timing Primary Limit? (value should be less than the values for the Fuel Timing Primary above)

Fuel Timing Primary Makeup? (if less than Primary Limit, then ignored, otherwise needs to be between Primary and Primary Limit)

View the Package Context Help for each of these items as it will explain them.

A challenge with a 4-stroke single cylinder engine is that the engine speed varies quite a lot during each cycle. This makes the timing a challenge for the ECU. What is the crank shaft trigger pattern (ie, how many teeth does it have -- more would be better for this type of engine).