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MoTeC M800 and E888 - EGT Thermocouple Problem

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Hi guys,

I have a really weird problem (unless someone enlightens me, then it's probably less weird :) ) with a MoTeC M800 setup here.

There's six EGT thermocouples wired directly to an E888 expander. Actually, I've used those special EGT connectors and EGT wiring all the way to the E888.

I can see the EGTs within the ECU Manager when the ignition is turned ON and CAN transmit for the E888 is disabled (CAN recieve for E888 is enabled of course). As soon as I start the engine, all of the EGT readings drop out within seconds and don't return. All of them go into error state.

No wiggling of the wiring and/or connectors help.

When I enable CAN transmit for the E888 within the CAN setup, I don't even get the readings with ignition ON now.

CAN resistance is OK, even with the UTC connected. I had a problem with the resistance earlier (33ohms with the UTC connected), but that has been solved already. Also the thermo fan, which is connected and run from the E888 works just fine.

To clarify, the E888 is setup directly within the ECU Manager, not via a dash ... there's no MoTeC dash or any other dash in that particular setup.

Any tips on were to look, and/or why the EGT sensors just go into error or aren't even showing anything?

thanks a lot,


Hi Andy,

I hope that the issue has been resolved now.

The cause of Andy's issue was related to the Diagnostic Hi and Lo values being used, as this is a CAN message, the Diagnostic values had to be to upper and lower values that would be sent as a CAN message, not the actual temperatures received. Once this was changed, then the EGT's worked correctly in testing.

Hey BlackRex,

yes it is, did some testing and put the car back in the storage area, for when I've some time to finish it on the dyno.

Correct, the Diagnostic Hi / Lo values weren't set accordingly to CAN messages.

On a side note Rex, are you with MoTeC? If so, thanks for helping out always, when I call or send emails ;)

Yes, I am one of the M1 engineers there.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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