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Hi Every body ...

i want to ask about the steps of create a file just to start the both Engines ( TB48de Nissan patrol 6 cylinder + 1Fz-Fe Toyota land cruiser 6 cylinder ) ,

For Motec M800 + M600 series , before to tune it on the dyno .

thnx a lot for ur time and hope that i will find the answer here ...

Best Regards ...

The steps for dealing with a freshly installed ECU with no map are covered in our practical dyno tuning course so I'd suggest you take a look at this if you haven't already. One of the most critical parts is configuring the ref/sync mode so that the MoTeC ECU can correctly decode engine speed and engine position.

The Nissan TB48 should uses the Nissan 360 Optical Sensor which should be using the Ref Sync Mode 10 with Hall sensors and rising edges on both the ref and sync. The number of teeth is 180 and you will need to adjust the CRiP to achieve the correct ignition timing with a timing light. Start with 60 and adjust from there as necessary.

The Toyota 1FZ isn't an engine I've personally dealt with. My quick research suggests that it uses a 36-2 trigger wheel with a reluctor pickup which is a standard ref/sync option in the MoTeC. - Mode 7 looks for 2 missing teeth twice per engine cycle which is what the ECU will see with a crank mounted 36-2 trigger. For a reluctor input the trigger edge would normally be falling and you will need to adjust your mag sensor levels to achieve good triggering. you can use the scope function to help visualise the waveforms and see the peak amplitude vs rpm.

Here is a post on the Motec Support Forum that indicates you can use Mode 8, and run wasted spark for the 1fz:

In the MoTeC ECU manager, under Adjust->General Setup->Main Setup Highlight Number of Cylinders and press F1 (Help). This defines some special cases for number of cylinders that alters the normal sequential injection/ignition operation. 36 is for a 6 cylinder 4 stroke engine that are synced once per rev (since there are two teeth on the cam sync signal).

Another solution is to file off one of the teeth, so that only one sync pulse occurs each cycle then you can run mode 7 for sequential operation.

Thanks a lot David

Thanks for clarifying the 1FZ configuration there David!

Glad to help.