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Motec M800 plugin wideband ?

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Can i just wire in a AEM wideband controller via 0-5V ? i'm new to motec , used to Link

You can, but just like with a Link ECU, accuracy will suffer compared to either using a built in wideband controller i.e. Link Fury, or high quality CAN based external wideband i.e. Link CAN Lambda, Motec LTC.

First I would check if that M800 has internal lambda enabled. Someone may have already paid for it, in which case you can wire a sensor in and have a great package without using an external device.

Just an FYI Mike the M800 will only support a MoTeC PLM or LTC for external lambda measurement. The CAN input isn't user configurable so any 3rd party external device would need to emulate what the ECU is expecting to see.

Using the onboard lambda controller would be a neat solution and most likely more cost effective than any other option.


I can totally see how what I wrote could give that impression, so thank you for that Scott and I hope this longer explanation is more clear.

What I was trying to convey is an external controller with analog input can be used, but accuracy likely won't be as good as it would be with a CAN wideband (I named 2) or the onboard controller.

You can use:

Non Motec analog input wideband, scale it as needed in Motec ECU Manager - likely the least accurate of these options if you're using the AEM UEGO

Motec onboard lambda (requires license)

Motec PLM, LTC via CAN

You cannot use other CAN Lambda units unless they provide a PLM or LTC appearing data stream, or you use an intermediary device to convert the data so it appears as a PLM or LTC data stream to the M800. For what it's worth, I just use the Motec onboard controller or LTC with Motec ECUs so I've not attempted this, but as Scott pointed out, it is theoretically possible and there may even be some units set up to do this.

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