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I have a 87 mk3 supra and I am running a motec m84 ecu. I am having issues getting the car to sync with the computer. I’m not getting any spark or fuel pump engagement Andy start won’t engage. I had a harness made for the car and relocated the battery to the trunk. Is there anyone who can help me figure this out so I can get my car running and have it ready for tuning. I will also be attending the educational web training for tuning. I have basic knowlage when it comes to tuning but mostly on hondata, scp, and go tuners. Any and all helpnis greatly appreciated

Where are you located? Who is your MoTeC dealer that sold you the M84? Who did the wiring? One of those two should be able to help troubleshoot the parts they have supplied.

I agree with David - I'd be discussing these issues with whoever made the wiring harness. Has the engine run at all or are you at the point of trying to configure the M84? Some of your issues may be down to the configuration of the ECU.

A company named tweak’d Performance in Florida made the harness and the person I got the ecu from is fisher motorsports. I probably have a weak ground or something. I probably am going to re wire the entire computer over and make it more simplified than trying to run the starter through the computer. Which is how it’s set up at the moment