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motec m880 firmware update

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I am having a problem with a car using a motec m880 ecu.

After accidentally changing the firmware to an older version the car doesn’t start anymore.

Somebody an idea of the calibration data is lost ? is it maybe helpful to change the firmware again to its original version ?

Hi Dennis,

Typically a downgrade of the firmware will result in a loss of data as the conversion tools are only designed to work for upgrading. Do you have a copy of the configuration that was on the ECU before the downgrade was done?

Thanks for the information Stephen. No I don’t have a copy of the configuration data

Do you have any old logged data? (maybe from the previous owner?) -- the configuration will be found the .LD file. Use the "View Device Config..." feature in I2.

I have got no logged data, but I think I can get some data from the previous owner.

Thanks for the help.

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