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Motec mxxx idle control

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Hello guys,

I have an issue in understanding the motec idle control setting, i have several questions and if someone can explain what each row can do i will appreciate it.

1. Duty cycle based idle control needs an installing of a motor or can work in stock cars like a nissan y61 tb48?

2. The function needs an input or an output for it to work? Because i have tried to play with the values and nothing really changed in the car

3. For powerstering and air conditioning rpm compensation, how does the ecu reads their operational way? Should a sensor be conntected?


Hi Omaralsuw, I'll try to help with your questions:

1. Duty cycle based control requires an idle speed control solenoid be fitted to the engine to bypass air around the throttle plate. You can also use a stepper motor idle speed control if required. I'm not sure what system the TB48 utilises.

2. You'll need to install and wire the solenoid to an auxillary output and configure this for idle speed control. In particular you need to set the frequency to suit the solenoid you're using. Once you've done this you can configure the idle speed control through the Idle Control function.

3. You'll need a switch to tell the ECU the power steer is being used. This is typically a digital input that is configured as a Power Steering input (function 18). With the air conditioning you would normally wire the ECU to have an aircon request and then an output to control the air conditioning. This lets the ECU know when the aircon is active.

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