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Motec Mxxx v3.3 ecu manager

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Hello guys if its possible could someone email me the m800 v3.3 ecu manager


I'm pretty sure MoTeC themselves make their software freely downloadable...

While it doesn't specifically list V3.3 - they do have V3.5 which might be close enough for your application?



Hello matt,

I have a car tuned on v3.3 and its going to enter a drag race in few hours so i dont want to disturb the tune by updating the ecu. I just want the 3.3 to set the antilag setting for the car.


Due to issues found with the V3.3 and V3.4 releases of ECU manager, MoTeC withdrew them from public use, and have advised that all Mx00 series ECU's are updated to V3.54.