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Motec plm and quick lambda

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Hello everyone,

I have some questions about the mentioned topics.

First, by using a PLM will i be able to use the quick lambda option without enabling the option in the motec ecu?

How does the quick lambda work on ramp runs? For example if i set my target lambda to 0.85 and do a ramp run and keep on pressing Q through the run will it adjust the whole full load row to the required lambda?



Using a PLM with the Mx00 series ECU's allows for the operation of Quick Lambda without the enable.

You can use Quick lambda on ramp runs if you want, but it is not recommended. The better way of using it is in steady state operation, where the engine is taken to the load point that you want to tune, held for a short period to allow for the lambda reading to stabilise, and then then the Q key is pressed. Sometimes you may need to make two or three readings at the same load point, especially if it was a large initial jump needed on the first reading, so that the lambda reading is stable. When you try and use the Q function during a ramp run, it is possible that the value that is being read by the lambda sensor is one or two load sites behind where the load is at, due to the latency of the gas flow through the exhaust.

Thanks blackrex

I have another question, will i be able to log lambda without enabling any options by using a plm?

Thanks blackrex

I have another question, will i be able to log lambda without enabling any options by using a plm?

Yes, you will be able to log a Lambda channel. The only thing the Lambda Enable does is to enable the onboard wideband controller function. If you have a Motec PLM or LTC , you can get just as good of a result and be able to move it to another ECU if you wish.

As David said, yest, you can log the Lambda Channels if you are using an external device.

I'll just add that if you've completed a ramp run and the lambda isn't where you wanted it, you can use the 'Lambda Was' function by pressing the 'L' key. You can use this function by moving to any cell in the efficiency table where you had a discrepancy between your target lambda and measured lambda during a ramp run. Press the L key and a box will open where you enter the measured lambda. The box will also show what the target lambda is for that particular cell from the Lambda Table. You simply enter your measured value and the ECU will calculate the required correction to correct the error. You can use this during a ramp run or based on logged data from the road or track.

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