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Motec "Set 3 Protocol" CAN Sample

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Looking for some help with decoding Motec "Set 3" Protocol.

I have the the attached info from Motec.

But to me it doesn't look anything like CAN, more like some kind of serial stream.

Looking at there documentation I am a bit lost! I was assuming it is a 11bit stream, at 1M braud. But the document it mentions something completely different.

I am mid way through writing my own data logging program, and thought I should incorporate motec compatibility too.

Does anyway have any examples of captures of Motec's can stream.

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  • PSAU0015-MoTeC-M800-Set-3-Data-Protocol2375.pdf
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That is how the CAN stream is send from the M800.

If you look at the Mx00 Data Set 3 template in the current MoTeC Dash Managers, you will see that it is laid out in this manner as well.

I would recommend integrating the M1 data stream into your product over the Mx00 if you had to choose.


I found a very good video motec released a few years back.

it talks . Sequential, compound and asynchronous. All makes sence.

It seems the M1 has a completely different protocol.

Uses a lot more can Id with only a few bits of data per ID.

Still searching for the exact data though!

What format would you like the data in?

Anything would be great. Just to see where the data bytes are and the ID of each stream would be great! Word. Or pdf would be great if you have it!!!

Many thanks

BlackRex. Any luck finding the layout of the M1 can data. I have the dbc file. But unable to make out exactly what it’s saying.



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