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motec tuning method - hundred series

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Mate and I were having a discussion about it and we find it curious that a motec hundred series doesn't have the option for VE based tuning? Anyone able to confirm this? I can across this thread http://www.learntotune.com/discussions/topic/ve-vs-map/ and Andre said no to VE tuning, but I swear I remember reading something on it a few months ago...

Andre said "no" to VE tuning??

The Mx00 ecus from Motec don't use a VE-based fuel model. The fuel table represents a percentage of the master injector pulsewidth (IJPU) at 100 kPa prior to background compensations being applied. It's the newer M1 ECUs that use a VE fuel model.

What this means is that the Mx00 ecu is directly commanding a specific injector pulsewidth relative to load and rpm, where as a VE based ECU will define mass airflow relative to load and rpm and then based on injector flow data and a lambda target map the ECU can calculate the required injector pulsewidth.

In my opinion it's a coin toss between the two systems. Yes, the VE model presents some advantages however it's totally possible to achieve an accurate and consistent tune on either system.

Thanks for clearing that up Andre.

It is handy being able to change injectors without adjusting the map though.

Yes VE definitely offers some advantages over a millisecond based fuel model. I feel that right now in the industry this has become a bit of a buzz word though and I feel that perhaps too much emphasis is being placed on it. At the same time ECU manufacturers are starting to jump on the band wagon too for fear of being left behind.

VE is a great way of modelling airflow and it can work exceptionally well. My point is that it isn't an essential way of getting the job done though so don't place too much importance on having a VE based fuel model. The Motec Mx00 is still a very powerful ECU capable of doing a very good job of running an engine.

Yeah, I have no issue with the hundred series not having it, just something that came up in discussion. Would love to get my hands on one for my car... but the cost.... Once you have lambda, logging and advanced features it's enough to cover track day costs for a few years :(

If you're interested in the Motec product, consider the newer M1. Motec don't publicise prices which leads to people assuming the M1 is much more expensive than an Mx00 but in reality an M130 ECU is significantly cheaper than an M400 with cam control, DBW, lambda and logging options enabled.

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