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Motec vs link vs emtron

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so guys I’m building a r32 2jz drag car power we are expecting is around 900hp but I want to know who dose the best features

planing on running ethrottle

launch control traction control transbrake

6 egt sensors ,turbo speed sensor ,back pressure sensor ,fuel pressure and all the other sensors temp etc etc

but what ecu has the better control over launch and safety and best data feed back

plan is sensors for the 350z diff and abs sensors for the traction controll

and have a rotary dial for different setups more boost less boost etc etc any feed back or information be awesome

And what about ethottle is there much latency in between the ecus I’m trying to work out what would would also be best way controlling that

Properly setup, an eThrottle, Drive-by-Wire, eGas, should feel exactly like a cable throttle. There is no noticeable delay, I'm sure it's measurable, just not significant.

I agree a drive-by-wire throttle can feel exactly like a cable throttle. It's also nice that you can adjust the pedal-to-throttle relationship to suit the particular engine and driver, getting that right can really help drivability. Similar things are possible via the cam/pulley shape on a cable throttle, but very few people adjust that.

Link for Price and flexibility

MoTeC for very professional solution and exssesive Datalogging

Emtron is also a very capable ECU overall.

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