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MOTEC yaris GR - it's time!

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Hi guys! today the motec ECU for yaris gr has finally arrived! I am thrilled to take on this job. I have seen several videos where they managed to develop from 350 to 380 hp with this engine, with original turbo. Here in Italy we are the first to install this electronics on yaris GR. I have a question about the software, I state that I am not an expert, I started thanks to HP ACADEMY, with which I was able to do a good setup for a nissan skyline. Now it's time for this new challenge, but I already have a doubt, I don't understand how to detect which command activates a function, for example lauch control. which has the various levels of settings based on RPM. I downloaded the basemap from Motec, and almost everything is already configured. you just need to set the fuel and advance table well.

the question is: how do I understand which original switch is set for the command to activate a function?

thank you very much everyone for taking the time, soon I will post the photos of the ECU

for example we see that the Driver rotary switch 2 is the same in the Launch control table. I seem to have understood that here it works automatically when the wheel speed is at 0 km / h. But if I wanted to activate it while running, can I do it? for example coming to a car event to do a show? in this case moving?

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Another question, if anyone knows how to set multiple levels of laucnh control, to set the different RPMs for the start. Thank you

Hi Massimo,

Firmware 10 is the resource that is a digital output of the driver mode button. In the base map from MoTeC, this has been assigned to Driver Switch 2 to allow you to easily assign functions against the driver mode button (Ie. launch control, driver boost limits, anti lag etc)

The Launch control is effectively managing the engine speed limit against vehicle speed and is really intended to be used from 0 wheel speed.

For what your intending, you are more after a rolling antilag type of function. For this I would recommend using firmware 12 (which is the radar distance interval button on the steering wheel), on a driver switch configured as a momentary switch.

You could use this to enable anti lag, and build an engine speed vs throttle table with an appropriately set up cut and boost aim table to do rolling launches etc. Keep in mind that this is very hard on the turbocharger, and prolonged or excessive use of the function will dramatically shorten the service life of the turbocharger.

To have multiple launch aims, you will need to have a launch aim switch. You could again have this assigned to driver rotary switch 2, or ideally depending on the number of settings you want to have, put a 9 position rotary switch in. You then set the launch engine speed table up with an aim switch axis.

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