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Hi guys. I new to the platform. I own a dynojet 200 dyno here in GA. I purchased it a few months ago. My goal for now is to use it to do pulls for people bc it's fully mobile. I am starting to educate myself about tuning. I'm currently using FTecu platform if any of you guys have experience with tuning motorcycles I would love to hear from you. In the mean time I'm taking this course to get an idea as to what to do. any recommendations, tips or any useful info you guys could lead me to?

While we haven't had much to do with motorcycle tuning, the principles are exactly the same as any other engine. Where a lot of motorcycle engines do differ from the majority of automotive engines is that ITBs are common place. I've had a very limited amount of experience with the FTecu platform on a Yamaha R1 but I wouldn't call myself an expert on this platform.

Thanks for the reply Andre. I'm reading all the articles you guys have posted and taking in as much as I can. funny thing you said you had little experience with an R1. Thats my current motorcycle and my first test subject to tune.

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