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Msd flying magnet trigger kit

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i have installed this trigger kit on my car, just wondering how can i set my ref and sync based on it?

ref/sync capture attached.

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That trigger kit isn't suitable for the Motec M1. First, there is no way to determine a Reference Position with equally spaced teeth -- this is normally done with a pattern using a missing tooth (36-1 or 60-2 being the most common). Second, the number of teeth is really insufficient to determine the instantaneous engine speed.

That trigger wheel setup is designed for an ignition system that will use the pulses as trigger point for individual ignition pulses.

Although I agree its not a great choice of trigger, it should still work. The input capture shows he has a sync.

You will have to work out the reference offset yourself with a timing light, but the rest of the settings below should get you cycle lock.

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