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MTX-L PLUS wideband and Hondata Kpro V4

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I currently have a Innovate MTX-L plus wideband and want to connect it to the digital input on a hondata kpro V4 using the serial output of the MTX-L wideband, but I want to know which of the 4 serial output wires (red,black, blue and white) should I use

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It's hard to find information on the serial output wiring from the Innovate product but the blue and white wires are the ones you want to use. My quick google suggested you need a TTL to RS232 converter to utilise the serial input from Innovate though -

Thanks for replying, I will try using the suggested wires and report back. I realize that Hondata doesn't care much for Innovate products

Tried to connect Innovate's MTX-L Plus wideband digitally to Hondata"s Kpro 4 but readings were not matching. Contact Hondata by forum and they said the protocol seem to have changed from the introduction of the LC1.