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My 2 cent ignition timing tuning strategy idea.

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Tell me what you think.

If we start with a blank timing map (because we want to or because we have no choice) would it be right\smart to tune as follow ?:

set base timing

set all map to 10-15deg

ramp run through all the rpm range (or part of it)

then add 5 deg

ramp run again (with det cans all the time)

see where you pick power and where not

where you did not pick power back 5 deg

where you did pick power add 5 deg more (on high rpm and boost we can use lower increments)


Of course with paying attention to knock and backing down a few deg where knock is present.

Fuel tuning as needed.

Practical ?

Slow ?

Inefficient ?

Dangerous ?

other prons and cons ?



This is essentially part of the technique presented in our practical tuning course. You've skipped the steady state tuning part though which I'd suggest is essential if you are on a dyno as it builds the shape/trends into the table before you start performing WOT ramp runs.